How wifi hotspots for Hotels benefit your guests

Wifi hotspots for hotels

Wifi hotspots for hotelsThe backbone of the Hotwireless business is providing wifi hotspots for hotels and guest houses across South Africa.

Our wifi hotspots for hotels provide guests with an important service and serve as an income stream for the proprietor.

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  • Vouchers can be sold to guests, customers or students as an added income stream to your business. In the case where the hotspot is shared, costs of internet use can be shared – like in a security village.
  • Wifi hotspots in hotels are often required or even demanded by clients. You are now able to provide it.
  • Having a hotspot is an attractor, pulling clients to your location.
  • It provides marketing value.
  • They are trouble free to manage.
  • Marketing material is provided by us so that you can promote your Hotwireless Hotspot.
  • Wireless installations are far cheaper than cabled installation

To make an enquiry please either fill out our enquiry form or call us directly on 011 979 7084.

Our wifi hotspots for hotels will provide a great facility for your customers and can provide your business with an important long term revenue stream.

2 thoughts on “How wifi hotspots for Hotels benefit your guests

  1. Hi

    We are a small hotel who are looking for a wifi provider.
    At the moment we are looking for a quote.

    We have nine rooms, we are looking to offer our guests a complimentary wifi voucher of 50mb and then should they require more they may purchase additional usage.
    Do you offer bundles and how much do they cost? What will the costs be for installation?


  2. Hi,
    I am currently researching a feasibility of a hot spot wifi service for a hospitality business with approximately 50-100 potential clients in Durban.
    Would you be so kind and let’ me a have a breakdown of cost involved as well as potential profit margins.

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