Wifi hotspot solutions

Wifi Hotspot Solutions

Wifi Hotspot Solutions from Hotwireless provide your guests & customers with a reliable connection to the internet when they are visiting your location.

Wifi Hotspot SolutionsHotwireless have been supplying wifi solutions to hospitality and retail customers since 2008, we remain family-run and take great pride in providing great quality products & services.

We supply a variety of wifi hotspot solutions for customers with different requirements which can include –

  • Satellite wifi connectivity
  • Wifi hotspot connectivity across trains & buses
  • Voucher based payment systems
  • High speed access for paying customers.

We encourage customers considering a wifi hotspot solution to contact us directly and arrange a trial of our product range. Our technical solution is second to none and we ensure that the solution we provide is entirely suited to your needs.

Contact Hotwireless today and we will talk you through the costings for our Wifi hotspot solutions.


3 thoughts on “Wifi hotspot solutions

  1. I am a resident at a retirement home in Somerset West (Helderberg Society for the Aged – a non-profit organization) and am computer literate (Apple with a little Windows). I have suggested that to assist the older people, we install a wifi hotspot, where our residents (or their relatives/friends visiting) can connect their computers to the Internet (in a single room). We can also provide, say, 2 x computers (laptops) for those without the luxury of a Laptop or dataphone. I envisage that the residents can get a e-mail address here at the home, so that they can communicate with their families/friends. We can then progress to Skype for those that would like voice/video connection. A small b/w printer could be linked to enable the residents to printout their e-mails.
    We would need to cover the costs of the wifi hotspot, however as we are a non-profit organization, we would only be able to charge outside people more, to help subsidize the residents.
    Do you feel that you could assist us in this venture? If this works in our building, then we can promote it to other building that the society owns.
    We already have a intranet here at the home for staff usage and maybe able to connect to this – otherwise we will have to make use of Telkom ADSL or 3G?
    Please advise. Many thanks. Peter

    1. Hi Peter

      I did respond to you by email, but have not heard back from you yet.

      We can definitely assist in the following way:

      1. We can supply you with an uncapped 4mb line ISP for R599 per month. You would need to order the line from Telkom.
      2. We can set up the hotspot in the allocated room for R699 per month. This price includes the vouchers you would receive monthly for your residents and their guests etc…
      3. Because you are a non-profit organisation and need to cut costs, we will do the installation free of charge, which normally costs R2500

      Please revert back to me at your earliest convenience.

      Kind regards

  2. We are a found some solution of buses here in Mexico City of WiFi with 4G or point to point link beetwen stations and thebline of buses, but I dont Know what is the best solutions?


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