Hotspot Billing Software

Hotspot Billing softwareHotwireless Hotspot Billing Software is second to none in the industry and is used by many hotels and guest houses across South Africa.

Hotwireless professional wifi hotspot billing solutions put you back in control of your hotspot solution

  • Advanced filtering engine allowing you to control where guests go online
  • Limit download & upload speed per user (Bandwidth Management)
  • Track visited websites & internet connections
  • Create unlimited vouchers & access
  • Works for facilities looking to provide free access
  • Compatible with any hardwares / routers – although we provide the equipment for customers who do not have this in place
  • Support Mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android etc.)

We provide highly customised reporting for customers using our hotspot billing software allowing you to see where this lucrative revenue stream is benefiting your business. We are the South African distributors Hotspot Systems for the worlds leading hotspot providers.

Contact Hotwireless today and arrange a free trial of our Hotspot Billing Software. Trust the specialists.





7 Responses to Hotspot Billing Software

  1. Tony Usoro says:


    i have been online in search for a solution like your for a while now but havent seen any.

    i would like to know how it works and would like to see a demo if available.

    i am very interested and am presently working on an estate wide wifi network in abuja Nigeria and would need it urgently.

  2. Faith says:

    i live in Nigeria, i want to know the current price of your hotspot billing software and how i can get one here in Nigeria. Thanks.

    • Russell Ball says:

      The billing software resides on an access point so no computer or server is required to manage the hotspot.

      The monthly cost is R499 x 24 months for 1 x access point.
      The once off cost of a pre-configured (to meet your specifications) access point is R2500, which we can pre-configure and courier to you.

  3. Kabelo says:

    i want to know if this software can be centrally managed from all access points

  4. Philip Burger says:

    I want to serup a hotspot in a block of 100 flats in pretoria. Occupants mainly students that will have to pay for the use.
    How do i go with it? I am thinking to start wit access for about 50 customers and later expanding it to about 300?

    Can u help wit estimated costs for startup und also running costs.

    Philip Burger

  5. Sola Oresanwo says:

    Please i need a wireless timer ASAP.

  6. Lindo says:

    Please provide me with a demo software and all its requirements. Our setup and solution requirements are as follows:

    free internet for our guests up to 200MB per night per MAC address
    customised landing page – for ads,promos,etc
    remote access for admin – to update landing page, etc
    wifi access to client in 2 adjacent floors at the club
    no bandwidth control
    up to 100 simultaneous users

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