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Russell Ball

Russell Ball – The Founder of Hotwireless

Hotwireless is the leading provider of managed hotspot solutions for the hospitality industry in Southern Africa.

Hotwireless was at the forefront of hotspots since they became commonplace in South Africa in 2008. We are regarded as the leading independent provider of hotspot solutions to hotels, restaurants, and transport across Southern Africa.

We are a family-run business with technical cover across South Africa, as well as the ability to install and maintain systems in other nearby countries.

We use the highest quality equipment sourced from leading international manufacturers such as Linksys and our managed hotspot software is one of the most flexible solutions available globally.

Hotwireless is able to form technical solutions for hotspots based on your requirements. This can be seen in our ability to provide unique hotspot systems for transportation – such as the Blue Train.

When you decide to work with Hotwireless you can be sure that you are working with a company looking to form a long term relationship with you.





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