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Car WiFi is here and it’s affordable…

– Car WiFi is available for all makes of vehicles!
– Turn your vehicle into a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot!
– Hotwireless have two Car WiFi solutions:
1) A managed solution (making use of their Hotspot Management Solution Software) for commercial installations like taxis, buses, trains etc…
2) An unmanaged solution for private Car WiFi users.




The Hotwireless Vehicle Hotspot offers a managed wireless solution, controlling bandwidth, throttling speeds and preventing abuse of your Internet connection on board. Hotwireless are able to control bandwidth from any sim card provided.




  • Includes hardware,SIM and delivery
  • Standard WPA2 encryption access (Passcode)
  • Plugs into cigarette lighter
  • Connect up to 10 concurrent users/devices




Each Hotwireless Vehicle Hotspot includes the following:


  • Includes hardware,SIM and delivery
  • Branded Landing Page (mobile friendly and responsive).
  • Log in, Free Access or Pay by Credit Card buttons as part of the Landing Page.
  • Control of the Hotspot. Controlling usage by restricting data usage or time spent online. Speed throttling is also available.
  • Allows for user analytics to be extracted and provided.
  • Outage alerts e-mailed if a router goes down and stays down.
  • Customise Terms and Conditions to protect your business.
  • Website Redirect after successful log in.
  • Plugs into cigarette lighter
  • The unit can potentially be connected up to the battery directly.
  • Connect up to 60 concurrent users/devices




Landing Page

Once the guest connects to your WiFi SSID, for example YourBusiness Car WiFi, an automated Landing Page appears on the guests laptop or device. The Landing Page is mobile friendly and responsive. This is the portal for your guests to log in with the method you choose (Free Access, Voucher Access or pay by Credit Card) and also your first branding opportunity as the Landing Page can be customised with specific branding and advertising . You can also gather customer information such as e-mail address and/or cell phone number at this point.


Log In Methods


  1. LOG IN HERE WITH VALID ACCESS – This is for voucher access. The voucher determines how much data or time the customer has access to. This is important as it prevents abuse of your internet connection. The vouchers can also be sold directly to the guests and the owner keeps 100% of the revenue for the sold vouchers. Once the guest has used up the amount of data or time allocated to the voucher, they are returned to the Landing Page.
  2. Free Access – Here the customer simply clicks the FREE ACCESS button and can have access. The access is also set to a predetermined amount of data and or time. Here you can also datamine by asking the customer a few questions before granting them free access.
  3.  CREDIT CARD – Here the customer is required to enter their credit card details to obtain internet access. PAYPAL  shares this revenue on a 40/60 split.


Website Redirect


The second marketing opportunity arises after the customer has logged in and is taken to the Redirect Page. After successfully entering the correct log in details, the customer is diverted to a Website/Facebook page of your choice. In this example we have diverted the guest to your website.


Technical Background


The system core is running on multiple high-end IBM servers. Each server has multi-core Intel Xeon processors, hot-swap power supplies and hot-swap SAS hard disks subsystem using RAID to increase redundancy and system stability. These servers provide the background for our web, database and radius servers.




  1. Equipment – Includes hardware and delivery, – plugs into cigarette lighter
  2. Authentication – Vouchers, Free Access & Credit Card
  3. Landing Page
  4. Mobile Friendly, Responsive, Branding and Advertising opportunity. Website redirect upon successful login
  5. Hotspot Management
  6. Router alert (email if router is down), Bandwidth and Traffic limit set per user. Limit free access from same device.
  7. User analytics
  8. Data-mine user details before granting free access. Usage reports per device and user analytics of visits and devices
  9. White Label – Once-off set-up charge to White Label the product


Pricing and Payment Options – See Brochure



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