Community Free WiFi Project

Our mission:

“Our mission is to find like-minded people that would love to share their internet connection

(from either their home, business or vehicle) with the community for free”


Please join our growing community of Free WiFi Providers, who are sharing their internet connections

and data with the local community!

What is a “Community Free​ WiFi Provider”?

A “Community Free WiFi Provider” is a person or organization (potentially you), that is the provider of the physical location (home, business or vehicle) where the Community Free WiFi is installed.

  1. Do you live or work within 50 metres of a community gathering area like the examples below?
  2. Does this place you work or live have an internet connection you’d love to share?
  3. Can you afford to sponsor the R2,750.00 for the Community Free WiFi kit? If not, please still apply as we are working on funding via our WiFi Advertising network.

Examples of community gathering areas:

  • Bus / Taxi stops

  • Train stations

  • Public services where people from the community spend time in queues like clinics, licensing departments or SARS

  • Recreational facilities like parks, swimming pools, skateparks, etc

  • Factories next to informal settlements or low-cost housing

A word from our Founder:

“We are working with and constantly looking for “Community Free WiFi Providers” to provide free WiFi to the community via their homes, offices, and vehicles.

Now that fibre and LTE have entered many of our homes and businesses, there is more than enough bandwidth and data to share with those less fortunate than ourselves in our communities.

If you live in or work from a building that is community facing and you have an existing internet connection, we would love you to apply to have a dedicated community facing WiFi system installed.

Our Hotspot/WiFi Management Software controls the landing page and data usage per device.

Each person/device will have access to 500mb free per day.”

We want more Community Free​ WiFi


  • Do you know of a good location for this free service? If so, it would be great if you would beg and plead with the location owner to install this service. Once they are interested you can let us know and we will follow up with them.
  • Also, be sure to share the details of this project with everyone.
  • We’ll pay you R200 for every successfully installed location you bring to us.

WiFi Advertising

We need your Help to rapidly expand the “Community Free​ WiFi” Project

Advertise your business to the community on a local or broader scale via the “Community Free WiFi” login page. Our readership is growing and the community is expanding. Contact us below for statistics. We have very reasonable pricing to enable smaller businesses from the local community to advertise.

The income generated from advertisers will fuel this project by enabling us to buy more hardware to install. The more hardware we install, the greater our “Community Free WiFi” network becomes and therefore the more valuable the advertising space will become.

Build relationships and loyalty with WiFi advertising

WiFi advertising data shows how many new and returning community members we have. Target them with personalized ads and engage them with customized email.

There are 2 types of advertising opportunities:

1. National

  • Place an Advert on ALL “Community Free WiFi” Landing pages
  • Receive emails from all regions collected from the login page

2. Local

  • Place a Local Sponsor advert on the Landing pages in your local community
  • Receive LOCAL emails collected from the login page


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