Community Free WiFi



Our mission is to find like-minded people that would love to share their internet connection (from either their home, business or vehicle) with the community for free.

​We invite you to please join our growing community of hosts, donors, and sponsors who are sharing their internet connections and data with the local community!

About Community Free WiFi

We are working with hosts, donors, and sponsors to provide free WiFi to the community via people’s homes, offices, and vehicles. Now that fiber has entered many of our homes and businesses, there is more than enough bandwidth and data to share with those less fortunate than ourselves in our communities.

 If you live in or work from a building that is community facing and you have an existing internet connection, we would love you to apply to have a dedicated community facing AP installed. Our AP’s control the landing page and data usage per device. Each person/device will have access to 500mb free per day.