Wifi Hotspot Costs

Hotwireless Wifi hotspot costs are minimal when installing a system and ongoing costs are related to the income you will receive from your WiFi hotspot.

wifi hotspot costsHotwireless’ Hotspot Manager Solution / Software is of the most advanced technology available in the world. You will have full control over your hotspot and be able to generate a new income stream for yourself.

Pricing is extremely competitive. In fact, you the venue owner, get to keep all the revenue you charge out to your users,  unlike other suppliers where this revenue does not come to yourself. Hotwireless’ telephonic support is second to none and most issues can be resolved using remote support – leaving your installation hassle free for you.

Access to an online administration area is provided, which enables you to control customer vouchers and get reports on usage by customers. If required Hotwireless can provide this support for you.


The entry level installation consists of the hardware and firmware required to start a small hotspot such as a 5 – 10 room B&B, coffee shop, petrol station or car wash. The monthly cost is for  your seamless connection to our Hotwireless Hotspot Manager.

  • Our once off installation charge is approx R2,500.00 per access point including the hardware and software configuration.
  • A monthly fee of R499.00 for the 1st access point. Thereafter R200.00pm extra per additional access point. No contract is required!!
  • The number of access points required is determined by the size of the location. As a “thumb suck”, one would use 1 AP per 5 rooms.
  • If network cables are required for the installation, Hotwireless can do an estimate for you.

WHAT YOU PROVIDE – Not included in the costings above…

  • The Broadband connection (Fiber, ADSL,3G etc). You must have a modem with a spare port to connect the Hotwireless hardware.
  • The Bandwidth –  Hotwireless is also an ISP and can supply capped and uncapped solutions at an additional charge to the above costings.
  • A  standard plug point for powering up the AP. In some instances where network cabling is used, Power over Ethernet will be used.

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