An income stream for your business

Your business will generate income from your wireless hotspot. A typical Hotwireless installation involves a certain level of upfront fees – but after this we will earn money as you earn money. This is a very important aspect of our business to our existing customers.


  • Typically you can charge R 1.00 per minute for internet use.
  • If you sell vouchers that last for longer periods of time you can drop the rate per minute. eg. R100.00 per day or R 250.00 per week.
  • If you have regular guests or customers, sell them a monthly or annual voucher at a good rate to ensure their loyalty – you might want to give complimentary vouchers to VIP guests or customers.
  • Returning guests or customers will also ensure a higher income.


  • Hotspot manger monthly fee = R 499.00 per month
  • Average internet user is 1 hour = R 60.00 per hour
  • Therefore you will only need 8 users at 1 hour per month to cover our costs.
  • Thereafter you will generate enough to cover your ISP charges.
  • Thereafter you can generate a new stream of income. e.g. 1 user per day for 1 hour = 30 days per month at R 60 per hour = 30 x 60 = R 1,800.00 per month. This is a very conservative example. Some of our venues are extremely busy and generate incomes of R10k plus.



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