Our Wireless Hotspot Software

Wireless Hotspot softwareHotwireless have been installing Wireless Hotspots with world class software for the last ten years across commercial locations in South Africa.

We are hotspot software specialists and our solutions are easy for clients to use and maintain. The important thing to note about our software is that it resides on the wireless hardware that we supply meaning that there is no software installed on your computers.

After we complete the hardware installation necessary to run a wireless hotspot at your location, our hotspot software allows us to both maintain and troubleshoot your hotspot remotely, and keeps control over your guests usage and the billing thereof. Allowing you to focus on your core business.

The wireless hotspot software that we use allows you to receive fully customised reports on the usage of your hotspot and also on any income generated by customer use. We can provide daily, weekly or monthly reports detailing internet usage by your customers and full information on the revenue that you have generated through your hotspot.

For more detailed information on our wireless hotspot software please contact us by emailing contact@hotwireless.co.za or by filling in our contact form. We will get back to you within 24 hours and can arrange for a presentation at your site so you can see the hotspot software functionality and reports.

Hotwireless is South Africa’s leading supplier of Wireless hotspot software to commercial locations.


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