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Wireless Hotspot softwareHotwireless’ Hotspot Management Solution / Software has been installed across 100’s of commercial locations in South Africa since 2005.

Hotwireless are hotspot software specialists and their solutions are easy for clients to use and maintain. The important thing to note about this software is that it resides on the wireless hardware that Hotwireless supplies meaning that there is no software installed on your computers.

Once the hardware installation necessary to run a wireless hotspot is completed at your location, the software allows Hotwireless to both maintain and troubleshoot your hotspot remotely, and keeps control over your guests usage and the billing thereof. Allowing you to focus on your core business.

The software allows you to receive fully customised reports on the usage of your hotspot and also on any income generated by customer use. Hotwireless can provide daily, weekly or monthly reports detailing internet usage by your customers and full information on the revenue that you have generated through your hotspot.

Hotspots re-imagined with Hotwireless

Mobile-enabled splash pages meet the expectations of the modern customer. Hotwireless’ Hotspot Management Solutions / Software come with pre-built skins which can be customised with your branding.

Cloud based Hotspot Management

Hotwireless can manage unlimited hotspot locations from their Control Center. All changes done (change access packages, replace LOGOs, change HTML codes, etc) are available in remote locations in real time. Router Alert feature will alert Hotwireless if a device goes down. All user data can be seen when it happens and can also be exported.
 Solutions for Free Wi-Fi
  • Easy access for users: they have to accept the terms and click on login.
  • Connect your business directly with social profiles.
  • Vouchers – Limit accesses by distributing unique voucher codes within a predefined time or data usage.
  • SMS – Access can be requested to mobile phones via SMS.
  • Family – Enable parental controls by giving vouchers to your kids which allows them to use Wi-Fi for a limited time.
 Create a Pay-PER-USE Hotspot
Charge your customers using your own pricing. The software comes with built-in revenue stream so you can accept direct credit card or paypal payments instantly.

You can offer a Free Trial with limited time, traffic or bandwidth limits so users can try out the service before paying. You can also provide a limited free access per day, or week or month. Even the free trial can be valuable if you use it as a marketing tool.

Supported Devices

Hotwireless supplies the hardware and firmware which you can use to run the hotspot directly – No additional computers or software required to run the hotspot. It will communicate with Hotwireless’ web, database and radius servers and handle redirection and authentication.

You can also add a hotspot gateway to your existing network. In this case you don’t need to change your existing configuration to make it compatible with the system, you only need to add one more device.


While the software uses it’s own ecosystem to collect and store any activity that happens in your hotspots, you can access them remotely via our powerful API. If you are not a programmer, we also offer a simple way to integrate with many services like MailChimp using Zapier. That way you can make integrations without writing a single line of code.


Hotwireless is South Africa’s leading supplier of Wireless Hotspot Management Software / Solutions to commercial locations.

For more detailed information on Hotspot Management Solutions / Software please contact Hotwireless: or by filling in the Contact Form.

Hotwireless will get back to you within 24 hours and can arrange for a presentation at your site so you can see the wireless Hotspot Management Solutions / Software functionality.





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