Wireless hotspots for Buses

Businesses looking for a wireless hotspot solution for buses or taxis have until now struggled to find adequate bandwidth to provide a meaningful service. With the advent of 3g and 4g networks operators of bus and taxi network can now take advantage of high speeds to provide a meaningful additional service to customers.

Cellular operators are busy rolling out networks that are capable of transferring data at brodband speeds in excess of 5 Mbps. These next-generation networks are available in many countries worldwide and, where coverage is available, offer transport operators the opportunity to deliver high-speed Internet connections to moving vehicles.

The technology most commonly used to provide this service is WCDMA (3G) HSPA (High Speed Packet Access), although other technologies including mobile WiMAX and CDMA2000 are also supported. HSPA is predicted to become the dominant mobile broadband system by 2009.

Typically download speeds of 2-5 Mbps are achievable in metropolitan and suburban areas and along major roads between towns and cities. Within a few years it is expected that speeds will increase to over 10 Mbps comparable to a wired  home or business broadband connection today. The availability of high-speed broadband connections on vehicles opens up a host of new possibilities for operators of public and private transportation.


Equipping a bus or coach with a broadband connection means that passengers can benefit from an on-board Wi-Fi hotspot service, enabling them to check email and surf the web during their journey. The service works like any fixed hotspot in a hotel, coffee shop or airport.

Research has shown that Wi-Fi Internet access is popular on journeys as short as fifteen minutes making it suitable for urban commuter routes as well as intercity connections.


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