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hotwirelessHotwireless provides superb Managed Hotspot / WiFi Solutions and Software for many types of businesses. Since 2005, they have installed profitable wireless hotspots for hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and transportation systems such as the Blue Train.

Best service in the industry

Hotwireless have dedicated themselves to providing the best service in the industry and can bring the wonderful world of WiFi to your customers instantly and cost effectively. Most importantly this can be a profit centre for your business.

The demand for  high speed internet connectivity is growing rapidly in SA and as a business you can’t afford to get left behind anymore. It is imperative that you, as venue owner / service provider, have your premises hotspot enabled to provide that extra service to your guests or customers.

Hotwireless manages the installation, maintenance and ongoing support for your business and ensures that you stay at the cutting edge in the eyes of your customers.

Simple Integration into existing infrastructures

It is important to note that their Managed Hotspot / WiFi Solutions and Software can be integrated into most existing WiFi networks or infrastructures. The system can also work off any form of internet connectivity, whether it be Fibre, LTE, 3G/4G, ADSL, Satellite or WISP. In fact the benefits of using the system where data is expensive (3G/4G, Satellite and WISPS) to manage the data use of your customers is of paramount importance to prevent data abuse which can lead to expensive data bills!

Hotwireless is SA’s leading WiFi hotspot provider!

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