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Through innovative technology we have found ways for our clients to have better control over their network, run targeted advertising campaigns and have more insights to their daily customers. We’re the go-to WiFi/Hotspot business in South Africa.

Managed Hotspot Solutions

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Hotwireless Captive Portal

Captive Portal

 Limit usage and prevent abuse

Run targeted advertising campaigns

Capture customer information for the opportunity of a future sale.

Managed Hotspot Solution

Free Access

Limit Time and Bandwidth

Capture Customer Information

Throttle speeds

Accept T&Cs

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Social Logins

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Social login provides you with a tool to put your business on the map and your anonymous guests now become real people and even friends.

Seamless, Secure & Simple

Our Captive Portal Free Access Login allows you as the business owner to control how much your guests use.

Thus preventing abuse and allowing you insights to your daily customers. The Managed Hotspot solutions we provide can be of use to many industries, From Coffee Shop WiFi to Factory Staff WiFi

Better control, More functionality,

An automated login process with bandwidth and time limits controlled by you. With Monthly reports available to you. Full control over how you want your Wifi to be used.