Student WiFi Hotspot Management Solution

43 Airschool University needed a student hotspot management solution to support and manage two hundred and fifty + students at their hostel as well as 2 busses travelling between Port Alfred and Port Elizabeth

Key Challenge No 1

Seamless WiFi Hotspot Management and Support for 250+ students in a hostel environment and on 2 busses travelling daily.

Solution No 1

Without needing to replace existing infrastructure. Hotwireless fit in like a glove to the hostel’s requirements.
43 Air school purchased our cloud managed switch with the hotspot service configured on a Vlan. We utilised the existing 200MBps Fibre uplink o use between the university campuses.
Managed between students, lecturers and appliances

Captive Portal Airschool

Key Challenge No 2

Create an extra revenue stream through the Air School WiFi hotspot management service and minimise abuse of the fibre uplink

The University also needed a tool to monetise their hotspot solution should there be students that need to purchase more access after they have used their complimentary access

Solution No 2

Hotwireless setup a Captive Portal with different login methods for the Students.

-Paid Voucher Access

-Free Access(250MB per day)

Once the student connects to your WiFi ssid, for example 43 Air School Free WiFi  an automated Captive Portal opens via a link on the students laptop or device. The student could then use the 250MBs complimentary access of the day. Or login with a voucher which can be purchased at the pilot shop. Voucher sizes vary from 40 to 400GBs and can also be used between the busses and hostel The students all get throttled at 10mbps upload and download preventing congestion of the fibre and LTE uplinks.


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