February 3, 2023
Russell Ball

Car WiFi

Car WiFi is here and it’s affordable…

Car WiFi is available for all makes of vehicles! Turn your vehicle into a powerful WiFi hotspot today!

You use WiFi at home, at work and while out-and-about, but having the technology in your car presents its own unique advantages.

Better, more reliable signal – When you establish a Hotspot with your cellphone, you use your phone’s reception and antenna to receive and transmit the signal. Your car wifi has a larger antenna and more power, which often results in a stronger, more reliable signal for all to enjoy.

Cheaper than ever before monthly plan options – So far, providers are making it easy and affordable to get data packages.

Reduced phone data and battery usage – Mobile data is a precious resource, especially if you have the whole family on one plan. Using the car’s WiFi instead of your phone’s can help save some of that cherished data, as well as the life of your phone battery.

Phone call interruptions – When your passengers are connected to the car WiFi vs your cell phone hotspot, they won’t have interruptions when you take calls or leave the car.

Camping / Outdoors – The family can utilise the WiFi signal from the car in the comfort of their tents.

Google Maps – Seamless connectivity to navigation apps like Google, Maps, Waze.

Stream Music – Seamless connectivity to your favourite music apps like Apple Music and Spotify.

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What you get (Unmanaged solution)

  • Includes hardware and delivery
  • Sim card – if required.
  • Standard WPA2 encryption access (Passcode)
  • Plugs into cigarette lighter
  • Connect up to 10 concurrent users/devices

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For a commercial WiFi managed solution, please visit WiFi Hotspots in motion.


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