In2Food deliver premium products across a wide range of food categories all over the world. Woolworths in South Africa for one.

In2Food have over 6000 staff members working across all their sites. Their CEO had the idea of providing all the ground staff with the opportunity to also make use of WiFi to pay utility bills and stay current on social media without impacting business or the internet for work purposes…

If you think about it… Ground staff also need to pay bills, some spend a full Saturday doing this by public transport or taxis. Where as the office staff have access to internet banking and paying their utility bills almost feels like an entitlement.

Our WiFi hotspot solution was set-up in the cafeteria with the SSID “In2Food Colleagues WiFi”

When any staff member connects to the WiFi the following branded landing page opens automatically via a link on their Cellphone/Tablet/Laptop

When the staff member clicks on Free Access they are offered 100MBs per week also throttled at 2mbps download and 1mbps upload speed (The owner has the choice of how generous they would like to be without impacting business or internet)

WHAT In2Food got

Each Hotwireless WiFi installation includes the following:

  • Branded Landing Page (mobile friendly and responsive).
  • Log in, Free Access or Pay by Credit Card buttons as part of the Landing Page.
  • Control of the Hotspot. Controlling usage by restricting data usage or time spent online. Speed throttling is also available.
  • Allows for user analytics to be extracted and provided.
  • Outage alerts emailed if a router goes down and stays down.
  • Customise Terms and Conditions to protect your business.
  • Website Redirect after successful login.
  • Training for the personnel that were not familiar with how to use WiFi.



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