News Cafe

News Cafe opened their first store in Hatfield in 1995. Nearly three decades later, News Cafe has grown into a multi-national household name & remains synonymous with innovative thinking within the food & social market space.

The system, services and features Hotwireless installed offered News Cafe better control, more functionality, customer engagement and system overview. Our main objective with the centralised system was to streamline processes and efficiently assist stores with their IT needs. Creating a centralised system, News Cafe have an overview of all stores as well as make changes according to their needs



Once internet connectivity was acquired at each store we were able to integrate our WiFi hotspot solution.

Backoffice connected as normal with passcode access and guests, directed to our captive portal. News Cafe use 2 x SSIDs 

  1. Backoffice WiFi – Passcode access. Not restricted *Passcode changed remotely.
  2. News Cafe Free WiFi – An automated link opens up. News Cafe add an additional banner on this page apart from the logo. Running advertising campaigns targeted at their guests.

Free Access is limited to the parameters News Cafe chooses. Guest usage is controlled on DATA , Time and Speed limits. The Free Access page is customised to capture information from their guests. The user analytics and data captured get saved on our radius server and downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet whenever required.

Tick the terms and conditions. The T&Cs are also in compliance with the POPI Act and cover both the News Cafe Stores and guests. 


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