August 13, 2013
Rob Laughton

Open Source Hotspot Software

Hotwireless has been providing Wifi hotspot solutions for customers across Southern Africa and has experience installing Open Source Hotspot Software at client locations.

There are two types of wireless hotspot solutions that are commonly installed at commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants & retail stores. Firstly a managed service which is commonly what our customers are looking for which involves us taking responsibility for all parts of your wireless solution. Secondly through the use of open source hotspot software such as Chillispot or Wifidog.

Managed Wifi Hotspot Software Solutions

The vast majority of our customers are not technical and require us to manage the hardware (routers etc) as well as the hotspot software. We provide them with a complete solution and also are involved in technical & some customer support.

If you are not from a technical environment or have little/no knowledge of software configuration then we strongly recommend a managed solution.

Open Source Hotspot Software Solutions

There are many Linux-based and/or open source options when searching for a open source hotspot software. Whether you’re wanting to give away or charge your visitors for the wireless Internet, these solutions will still require you to set up hardware and configure your wifi routers to the software.

Open source solutions do not commonly have sophisticated billing solutions attached to them so you are unlikely to be able to charge your customers for access to the hotspot.

Open source hotspot solutions are less popular nowadays as the cost & convenience of using a managed hotspot solution from a company like Hotwireless is more suited to their needs.

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