How Hotwireless helped Seattle Coffee Co. 


Hotwireless has a long term relationship with Seattle Coffee Co, managing their wifi with our Hotspot/WiFi Software since 2015 when we installed our first WIFi Hotspot Solution in one of the Seattle coffee shops and have been providing WiFi troubleshooting and expanding this service throughout the cafe stores.


Seattle Coffee Co started in South Africa in 1996 in Cavendish Square, since their opening they have now grown to over 200 stores country wide. Hotwireless now manages their coffee shop wifi in over 50 of their stores in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and Namibia.

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Their Key Problems


  • Seattle Shared a WiFi Key, that all staff, customers had access to, this wifi was also connected to their Point of Sales, Voip Devices and Back office computer, along with no control or limitations to who could access their coffee shop wifi.
  • Having customers take up space throughout their shop by coming in and ordering 1 cup of coffee and staying at the coffee shop throughout the day. Minimising their potential sales.
  • Having their managers go from customer to customer handing out WiFi passwords so customers can connect, whilst troubleshooting why customers couldn’t connect, wasting the manager and customers time.
  • Their Fibre, Point of Sales and Wifi were all managed by different companies, making it harder for support and time consumption.


Hotwireless Solutions


  •  Hotwireless would become the single point of contact between the Internet Service Provider &  WiFi Hotspot. Our main objective is to streamline processes and efficiently assist stores with their needs. As well as make changes according to Seattle’s needs.
  • Our Hotspot/WiFi Solution now allowed customers to have their own Guest WiFi which allowed them to connect without a manager present, whilst limiting their connection time and their data usage to not abuse the network. The Back Office and Point of Sales also had their own Private WiFi, creating a secured wifi network. 
  • Training staff in how to deal with specific connectivity issues, as well as mobile support, so that there can be minimal issues with the coffee shop and customers wifi experience. 

Added Bonus Features: 

  • Hotwireless now sends Seattle Monthly reports on connections to their stores. Keeping in accordance with the POPI Act. Hotwireless can provide details on how the stores are doing via wifi connections Such as:
  • Customer login time and date
  • Device information
  • User data (we can customize the information you would like to receive from your guests, such as name, email, etc.)
  • Number of WiFi connections at each store
  • Average time spent online at each store
  • Amount of data used by the guest WiFi network
  • List of top 50 return clients
  • Date of their first visit and most recent login
  • Operating system (Android, Windows, or iOS)


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