Wifi hotspot billing software

Hotwireless hotspot solutions are all run by our proprietary wifi hotspot billing software, which can help owners turn their hotspot into a long term revenue stream.

It is worth noting that not all hotspot owners wish to turn their hotspot into a revenue stream, and prefer to bundle it as a fundamental (and therefore integrated) part of the customer experience. We increasingly see this as this case in high-end hotels and retail environments.

The three main billing (and therefore revenue options) are

  1. Free wifi for all customers – controlled by requiring a username and password for logins
  2. Free limited wifi – Customers get the first tranche (say 30mb) free and then pay for vouchers after this
  3. Voucher based system – Customers pay for all downloads/uploads at the hotspot

Many hotspots are still accessed on a paid for basis and a Hotwireless solution allows careful billing of customers through use of a voucher scheme. Customers purchase vouchers through the hotspot directly or through reception which allows them to connect to the hotspot.

Hotwireless Wifi hotspot billing software allows us to share the income from your hotspot with you in return for a cheap installation, and in certain cases this may allow for a free installation.

Contact Hotwireless today regarding our Wifi hotspot billing software and we will talk you through the steps needed to get your hotspot up and running.

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