WiFi Hotspots in Motion


Hotwireless is one of the only providers of WiFi Hotspots in motion. They can install stable WiFi hotspots for environments in motion like trains, buses, taxis and most forms of public transport. Their WiFi Hotspots in motion are controlled by Managed Hotspot / WiFi Solutions and Software.

Hotwireless launched their high-speed WiFi hotspots technology for trains in January 2012, with their first deployment in September 2012 with The Blue Train which travels between Pretoria and Cape Town. Hotwireless makes use of highly advanced technology which switches towers and networks seamlessly. The Blue Train has had huge success with their on-board WiFi hotspots and thus rolled out WiFi on all their coaches.

  • Suitable for buses, coaches, taxis, limos and private hire vehicles etc…
  • Connect to carrier-class LTE/4G/3G broadband networks
  • Free or Pay-per-use WiFi hotpots in motion options available
  • High capacity broadband solutions for passenger & freight rail
  • Advanced switching technology provides seamless network transition

Providing your customers with the option of connecting to a wireless network while travelling can be a very important differentiator when customers are looking to book a journey across South Africa. Increasingly tourists are becoming reliant on stable internet access and are more than willing to pay for the opportunity to surf while they travel.


Equipping a bus or coach with a broadband connection means that passengers can benefit from an on-board WiFi hotspot service using Managed Hotspot / WiFi Solutions and Software, enabling them to check email and surf the web during their journey. The service works like any fixed hotspot in a hotel, coffee shop or airport.

Research has shown that WiFi internet access is popular on journeys as short as fifteen minutes making it suitable for urban commuter routes as well as intercity connections.

Hotwireless is SA’s leading WiFi hotspot provider!
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