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How WiFi Works?

There is no denying that WiFi has become logged in our minds as many things: a means to broadcasting our opinions across a number of social media platforms, a constant source of access to valuable information, and a method by which to stay in touch with loved ones both far and near.  But few people […]

Wacky Places You Can Find WiFi

WiFi hotspots have been branching out in recent years to other places besides your usual coffee shop, hotel or airport. With a few notable and somewhat surprising WiFi zones to be found around the world, we thought it best to compile a post that looks at some of the wackiest places where you can find […]

WiFi vs 3G/4G in South Africa

In South Africa, and indeed the world over, cellular usage has grown exponentially. This is partly due to the increase in popularity of Smartphones, which allow users to access the Internet and social networks – both of which require connectivity to function. As a result of this growth, mobile operators are finding themselves increasingly unable […]
Open Source Hotspot Software

Open Source Hotspot Software

Hotwireless has been providing Wifi hotspot solutions for customers across Southern Africa and has experience installing Open Source Hotspot Software at client locations. There are two types of wireless hotspot solutions that are commonly installed at commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants & retail stores. Firstly a managed service which is commonly what our customers […]
Hotspot Billing software

Hotspot Billing Software

Hotwireless Hotspot Billing Software is second to none in the industry and is used by many hotels and guest houses across South Africa. Hotwireless professional wifi hotspot billing solutions put you back in control of your hotspot solution Advanced filtering engine allowing you to control where guests go online Limit download & upload speed per […]
Wifi hotspot billing software

Wifi hotspot billing software

Hotwireless hotspot solutions are all run by our proprietary wifi hotspot billing software, which can help owners turn their hotspot into a long term revenue stream. It is worth noting that not all hotspot owners wish to turn their hotspot into a revenue stream, and prefer to bundle it as a fundamental (and therefore integrated) […]
Wifi Hotspot Solutions

Wifi hotspot solutions

Wifi Hotspot Solutions from Hotwireless provide your guests & customers with a reliable connection to the internet when they are visiting your location. Hotwireless have been supplying wifi solutions to hospitality and retail customers since 2008, we remain family-run and take great pride in providing great quality products & services. We supply a variety of […]
Mobile Wifi Hotspots

Mobile Wifi Hotspots

Hotwireless are specialist suppliers of managed mobile wifi hotspots for trains, buses and other forms of public transport. We have supplied solutions to many of the leading transportation companies like the Blue Train, and our flexible hardware and software allow us to tailor solutions to other forms of transport like buses and even taxis. Although […]
Wifi access in South Africa

Wifi Access in South Africa

Many of Hotwireless customers travel to South Africa from overseas and have concerns about WiFi access in South Africa. Fear not … although our bandwidth is lacking speed there is access to free/cheap wireless networks across the country. Visitors to South Africa are often rightly concerned in advance about whether to expect the WiFi access […]
Wifi hotspots for hotels

How wifi hotspots for Hotels benefit your guests

The backbone of the Hotwireless business is providing wifi hotspots for hotels and guest houses across South Africa. Our wifi hotspots for hotels provide guests with an important service and serve as an income stream for the proprietor. For more information on our wifi solutions for hotels please contact us directly on Vouchers can […]

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