November 28, 2022
Russell Ball

Home Wifi installers near me

Home Wifi Installers Near Me

Hotwireless are trusted WiFi Installers in South Africa

A professionally installed Home / Office WiFi system is of paramount importance

WiFi that is slow and unreliable is frustrating especially when you are trying to connect to the internet or when you’re trying to print that urgent document. As a result of this, many hours a day can be wasted leading to poor productivity.

In this modern day WiFi technology has totally changed the way we live and has gradually become the heart of the home / office network.

Connect your devices

Many of our personal devices need to connect to WiFi such as PCs, Tablets, iPads, Printers, CCTV, PS4/XBOX, Smartphones and Smart TV’s. But for most family homes / offices the one WiFi Router in the far end kitchen / office / reception is just not enough to provide a WiFi Signal for all connected devices on the property.


Home Wifi Installations

Imagine full property coverage WiFi

If you’re experiencing poor WiFi signal on your existing wireless network and have WiFi black spot areas then you need a professional WiFi installer like Hotwireless to fix that for you.

They can easily extend and increase the coverage or range of your WiFi signal by installing additional network cables and WiFi access points in the weak WiFi areas of your home, building or property that will eliminate any poor wireless signal coverage issues that you may have.

You have the high speed Fibre now, but your speeds are still disappointing?

With the introduction and expansion of super high speed & fibre optic broadband in our homes and offices, you may find you need to share your WiFi internet access with different computers or devices and visiting customers. In order to do this without degrading speeds, the correct implementation of a WiFi network should be done by a professional WiFi installer.

Hotwireless are the trusted WiFi Installers

Hotwireless can supply & install small or large wireless network systems that will connect your computers, media devices, smart phones & TV’s to your wireless network allowing simultaneous use of your WiFi internet connection any where in your home, garden, office or building.

The brand of equipment they use and trust provides robust wireless network systems allowing bespoke packages to be built to suit your specific WiFi service requirements.

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