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Hotwireless is an award-winning wireless hotspot provider, providing you with a managed solution for your visitors, guests, and customers.

The demand for  high speed internet connectivity has become a necessity for many business and holiday travelers in South Africa. It is imperative that you have your premises hotspot enabled to provide that extra service to your visitors, guests, and customers.

Hotwireless’ Managed Hotspot / WiFi Solutions and Software can be used as a free service to your visitors but can also be a profit-centre for your business.

Hotwireless is South Africa’s leading wireless hotspot provider. They have a hotspot solution for you!



  • Having a hotspot is an attractor, pulling clients to your location and increasing foot traffic.
  • Your customers can check their emails and browse internet sites at any time, causing them to spend more time at your premises and spending more money with you.
  •  Collect data through the login page and keep in touch with your customers.
  • Take advantage of the revenue opportunities through advertising on your landing page and/or by selling vouchers to customers.
  • Hotwireless’ Managed Hotspot / WiFi Solutions and Software is of the most advanced technology available in the world and enables them to manage your hotspot 24×7.
  •  Customers will rather spend time at your business than a business not offering WiFi.



  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Guest Houses
  • Hotels
  • Security Villages
  • Conference Centres
  • Universities
  • Caravan, Camping or Recreational Parks
  • Sports Clubs
  • Shopping Centres
  • Car washes
  • Libraries
  • Buses, Trains, Taxis
  • Schools
  • Coffee Shops
  • Restaurants or Fast foods
  • Petrol stations on major travel routes

Basically any business that has foot traffic nearby can benefit from providing a Managed Hotspot Solution !!



Hotwireless is SA’s leading WiFi hotspot provider!

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