May 20, 2013
Russell Ball

Mobile Wifi Hotspots

Hotwireless are specialist suppliers of managed mobile wifi hotspots for trains, buses and other forms of public transport.

We have supplied solutions to many of the leading transportation companies like the Blue Train, and our flexible hardware and software allow us to tailor solutions to other forms of transport like buses and even taxis.

Although some customers are now able to create their own wifi hotspots using their mobile phones, the vast majority of the working population will use a managed wifi hotspot provided by the operator.

Hotwireless mobile wifi hotspots can provide high quality bandwidth for your customers and allow them to work while they are on the move. Cars with wifi, taxis with wifi, buses with wifi, can easily take the load off of your phones internal processes. In today’s ever moving world this can be a very important reason why customers choose your business rather than a competitor

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