December 18, 2013
Robyn Porteous

Wacky Places You Can Find WiFi

WiFi hotspots have been branching out in recent years to other places besides your usual coffee shop, hotel or airport. With a few notable and somewhat surprising WiFi zones to be found around the world, we thought it best to compile a post that looks at some of the wackiest places where you can find yourself connected to WiFi. Read on discover some WiFi hotspots from around the world.

The Beach

As the second most populous city in the United States, perhaps it’s no surprise that Los Angeles should feature WiFi on its beaches. With elevated antenna’s beaming WiFi connections for all, the Pier Avenue offers the opportunity of surfers of the Internet kind to ride the waves of the World Wide Web. Known as the Hermosa Beach wireless system, this WiFi hotspot has been running since February 2008 and ensures that everyone with a WiFi compatible device can stay connected – even while you’re out soaking up some sun.

Telephone Booths

Moscow is a city that brings many things to mind, but phone booths with WiFi isn’t one of them. With plans for coin-box telephone booths with wirless connections beginning back in 2007, the city now allows for anyone with a pre-paid card, SMS authorisation or MGTS phone card to access the Internet from the comfort of a phone booth. With winter bringing temperatures well below zero, however, we aren’t entirely convinced as to how comfortable a hotspot this would be to surf the Internet.

The Subway

Buenos Aires holds the title as the first city to offer free Internet access it its subway stations a couple of years ago, with several cities following in its footsteps since then. With the city’s choice to offer Internet in its subways, you’re able to stay connected to everything from your email to Youtube, while riding the tube.

A Marina

Acclaimed as the largest marina WiFi zone in the southern hemisphere, Westhaven Marina in Auckland, New Zealand, ensures you can surf the web between boat trips. Launched as a collaboration between the Auckland City Council, Kordia and Tomizone, the WiFi hotspot is one of many marina hotspots around the world, which are becoming more and more popular with each passing year.

A Golf Course

The Don Veller Seminole Golf Course in Florida offers WiFi that isn’t just for club members. The entire facility is a WiFi hotspot with thanks to the GPS’ Industries Inforemer HDS display units on the golf carts and an integrated WiFi communications network. And it’s a great help to the golfers too. Internet access on the greens allows the staff to ensure that things are kept running smoothly, while golfers around the course can use the Internet to order food from the course’s restaurant long before they’ve left the fairway.

The Middle of Nowhere

While it isn’t too surprising to find WiFi in India, it’s almost miraculous to find it in what seems like the middle of nowhere. The village of Sarohan is home to only 2 000 people, and didn’t even have electricity up until 2005. Since then, however, a 20-metre WiFi tower that reaches high above the thatched roofs and mango orchards of the village, provide the villagers with a viable means to communicate with loved ones, both near and far.

While there are a great many other weird and wonderful places where you can find WiFi, the examples we’ve included in this blog post indicate one thing: that the reach and capability of WiFi is seemingly limitless, making it a worthwhile investment for your business.

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