May 27, 2013
Rob Laughton

Wifi hotspot solutions

Wifi Hotspot Solutions from Hotwireless provide your guests & customers with a reliable connection to the internet when they are visiting your location.

Hotwireless have been supplying wifi solutions to hospitality and retail customers since 2008, we  take great pride in providing great quality products & services.

We supply a variety of wifi hotspot solutions for customers with different requirements which can include –

  • Satellite wifi connectivity
  • Wifi hotspot connectivity across trains & buses
  • Voucher based payment systems
  • High speed access for paying customers.

We encourage customers considering a wifi hotspot solution to contact us directly and arrange a trial of our product range. Our technical solution is second to none and we ensure that the solution we provide is entirely suited to your needs.

Contact Hotwireless today and we will talk you through the costings for our Wifi hotspot solutions.


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